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There is so much to discover at The New Inchcolm Hotel and Suites. This heritage-listed distinctly boutique hotel has been influenced in every way by its incredibly rich history, which dates back to the 1880s


Dr John Thomson chose the site to build his personal residence. The accomplished doctor, scientist, astronomer, psychologist and pioneering photographer named his home Inchcolm after Scotland's Inchcolm Island.


The building that is The New Inchcolm Hotel and Suites today was built during the glamorous 1920s era. It replaced Dr Thomson's home and private medical practice and was originally built to house the rooms of a number of medical specialists.


In 1997, the building was purchased by its current owner who was actually born in the building. His vision to create a New York style boutique hotel saw The Inchcolm Hotel open its doors in 1998.


Rekindling this vision in 2014, The New Inchcolm Hotel and Suites underwent a major refurbishment and expansion. Today our hotel offers a world of small discoveries, hidden gems and well-kept secrets. Signature pieces, layered patterns and textures, heritage-listed treasures.

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